Data sheet

Size 16 Ml.
Properties Natural manicure and pedicure / Sell retail to continue treatment at home
Hypoallergenics 0% Alcanfor, camphor, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), ethyl tosylamide, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, ileno, mek, MEHQ/HQ, MIT, toluene, xylene.

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Formulated without harmful ingredients.

Fast dry.

Unique long-lasting shine.

Cover with a single layer.

It does not make water.

Professional formula.


Precisely prepare the natural nail: see its step by step

Apply a layer of CAL (ref: 03.003), NEEM (ref: 03.009) or TRI-F (ref: 03.018) base for maximum fixation and fill in stretch marks.

To mix the enamel, turn the bottle between your hands, never shake it, so bubbles do not enter.

Apply to the nail plate and the free edge.

Dip the brush in the Lizbet enamel.

Drain the brush with the mouth of the container.

Apply the brush in the center of the nail, a short distance from the cuticle (+/- 0.5 mm).

Place the tip of the brush at an angle of 35º / 45º with respect to the nail plate.

Gently push the brush toward the free edge. The trick is to apply the polish on the nail without brushing and without scratching.

Once the central part of the nail is enameled, it passes to the sides. It should not touch side walls or cuticles.

Finally, slide the brush along the free edge to seal and avoid lifting.

Apply a layer of RICHE (ref: 03.021), R + (ref: 03.015) or TRI-F (ref: 03.018) for optimum brightness and protection.

Apply a drop of XP SECHE (ref: 01.002) with the pipette in the center of the nail for quick drying.


Apply NATURE+ (ref: 03.401), intense moisturizing oil, condition the nail and the tissue around, leave the enamel, gel or acrylic flexible and bright.

Finish with a gentle hand massage with the daily cream HYDRO (ref: 04.401).