Our Philosophy

Lady Lizbet de Belhé is the inspiration for our hypoallergenic product line.

She was a pioneer in the 70s realizing that you can't apply cosmetics without understanding its ingredients and possible side effects. Many of the substances present in our daily environment: food, personal care and the environment, directly influence our health, well-being and emotional balance. They can be harmful to inhalation and penetration by the nail and skin of the professional and his client. Many of us do not know its long-term effects. Ingredients allowed for many years, today are considered harmful and illegal. For these reasons, Lizbet de Belhé decides to apply very strict standards in the selection of each ingredient. Giving the professional the opportunity to work in a healthy environment.

Professional quality.

Our goal is to produce products that take into account the latest advances in cosmetic technology. Intended for the professional. Products that are easily and quickly applied, giving a fantastic and lasting result. Our cosmetics are not just products that hide defects. They focus on wellness. Its objective is to restore natural beauty. Resulting in healthy and beautiful nails and skin.

How do we differ from other prestigious brands?

We are extremely critical in the selection of each ingredient. Although legally permitted, we fear that various ingredients have negative side effects. Since 1976 we have never used aggressive or dubious ingredients. We continually review scientific publications and reformulate a product when it has a contentious ingredient. For this reason we have avoided potassium hydroxide, formaldehyde, DPB, toluene, mma, camphor, mineral oils (derived from petroleum), artificial perfumes, dyes that are not allowed in food, etc. Too many brands use them or have only just started removing them.

What understand we for 'natural'?

Nowadays, there is little clarity when it comes to the concepts of natural, ecological, organic, chemical, etc. Many slogans are heard and stamps are seen making promises. But many do not have an explanation or reliability. Some seals, such as those of the European Union and Ecosert, are reliable. Therefore, using the term "natural" without further explanation is meaningless. We believe that until there are clear rules, the most important thing is your trust in the brand.

Is Lizbet natural?

Each ingredient is a chemical: water, aloe vera, etc., in the sense that it consists of molecules made up of atoms of chemical elements. For Lizbet, a natural ingredient is an ingredient that has gone through the minimum of processes. An ingredient not synthetically derived. In the ingredients list (inci) it comes out with its Latin name. Natural ingredients are by definition not more effective, safer, or less toxic than synthetically derived. Some essential oils can cause allergies or be fatal. We do not exclude unnatural ingredients that are essential. For example, it is still impossible to create a 100% natural enamel that lasts or a 100% natural ingredients uv-led gel. With artificial nail systems, it is technically even more difficult to produce a non-harmful product. Basically they are plastics, acrylics. Lizbet selects the mildest ingredients. Many times based on the same ingredients that dentists use.

Environmental and sustainable responsibility.

Our ecological responsibility is very important. We have always avoided unnecessary packaging. In the first plan it is functional, necessary to protect. We use recyclable materials such as glass, cardboard and aluminum to the maximum. We manufacture to the maximum in a sustainable way. With a control in the consumption of water, production of carbon dioxide, etc. We select suppliers that respect these standards.


Vegan, means for Lizbet without ingredients from animal origin, nor tested on animals. Cruelty free - No cruelty to animals. It does not automatically mean that they are ingredients of vegetable origin. We are talking about cosmetics, not food. For example, they can be ingredients with their origin in minerals such as gold, sand, etc. In some references ingredients based on their production by animals are used, such as wool to make keratin. We always mention it.

What is a hypoallergenic formula product?

A product that contains 0% ingredients that are likely to cause allergies. There are several serious government or private institutes in the world that publish lists of ingredients that are considered potentially allergenic. We check these lists of these institutes permanently to avoid their use in Lizbet products. The allergenic potential of a product does not depend on whether the source of the ingredient is natural or synthetic. It depends on the properties of the product itself and its interaction with other ingredients. For example, the European Cosmetic Regulation has a list of possible fragrance allergens such as limonene, citral, geraniol or linalol. They are included in a series of essential oils. Lizbet always searches for the mildest ingredients, which have no history of causing allergies.


Lizbet products are in principle free of potential irritants, including: synthetic chelating agents, alkanolamines, synthetic AHAs / BHAs, aliphatic alcohols / hydrocarbons, aluminum and alumina, bromates, DEA, elastomer, styrene, fluorine, phthalates, fumarates, liquols and diglycols. (such as propylene glycol), nitrosamine, methacrylate, PABA and other synthetic sunscreens, nylon, nitriles, nitrates, PEG, PPG, polyacrylamide, polyquaternium, poloxamer, TEA, urea, vinyl.

Can I have an allergic reaction from Lizbet products?

If you think you have had an allergic reaction, stop using the product. It is possible to be allergic to practically anything, including essential oils and other natural ingredients. If you suspect you have a sensitivity, we strongly recommend that you test a small amount of any new product on the inside of your elbow. If you experience redness or tingling, return the product and you will get a refund.

All products are produced in accordance with the strict rules and regulations of the European Union.