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Size 16 Ml.
Properties Natural manicure and pedicure / Artificial nails
Active Ingredients almond oil, glycerin, allantoin and hondrus crispus of natural origin
Hypoallergenics 0% potassium hydroxide, the main ingredient of the "killer skin" very drying and aggressive. Formaldehyde, DBP, toulene, camphor and solvent.

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Perfect manicure and pedicure: enamel, gel-enamel, gel and acrylic that last days longer.

Its Ingredients are 88% of natural origin.

Enamel, gel-enamel, gel and acrylic adhere optimally.

Cleans the nail plate and cuticles from dead skin.

Healthy, soft and smooth and cuticles in a natural way.

0% Potassium hydroxide, common ingredient in most cuticle removers to dissolve dead skin. but very drying and  aggressive.

Intense nail and cuticle hydration.

Thanks to its almond oil, vegetal glycerine and alontoin.

Preserves the skin's natural protective film and fights dryness.

For its Hondrus Crispus, algen extract, rich in fatty acids and phenols.

Avoids the need to cut cuticles, the natural barrier against germs and aggressive substances.

Precise preparation of the natural nail: see its step by step.

Apply on cuticles and nail plate DOUX G, gentle cuticle emollient gel.

Apply on the left hand from the little finger to the thumb.

Let the active ingredients micro exfoliate.

For 30 seconds.

Repeat on the right hand.

Remove the now softened dead skin cells from the nail plate.

Push the cuticular edge very carefully behind with a wooden stick or the Lizbet stainless steel spatula (ref. 22.523).

Double-check if there still is dead skin or debris.

Pull back the lateral folds (sidewalls) of the nails with your fingers.

Remove the excess with Prepare, sanitizer and degreaser (ref. 02.002).