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Size 16 Ml.
Properties Natural Manicure and pedicure
Active Ingredients Alpha-hydroxyacids, almond oil and allantoin.
Hypoallergenics 0% Potassium hydroxide, common ingredient in most cuticle removers to dissolve dead skin. but very drying and aggressive. Formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, camphor and solvent.

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Quickly eliminates: cuticles and dead skin
on the nail plate and surrounding skin.

Healthy, smooth and soft cuticles without drying them. Quickly eliminates.

Micro-exfoliator with a the high percentage of natural alpha hydroxy acids.

Intense hydration, almond oil, glycerine and allantoin, Doesn ‘t dry.

Cuticle and nail plate hydrated and cleanses naturally. Micro-exfoliates quickly cuticles and nail plate with its high percentage of naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids.

1. Apply on cuticles and nail plate DOUX, gentle cuticle emolient gel.

2. Let the active ingredients (fruit acids and almond oil) micro exfoliante for 30 seconds.

3. Repeat on the right hand.

4. Remove the now softened dead skin cells from the nail plate.

5. Use a manicure stick (ref:16.005) or the metal pusher (ref:22.523) to carefully push back the cuticle.

6. Remove the remaining with Prepare (ref.02.002).